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Oven Tray Enamel


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Easy to use and easy to clean, enamel oven trays are perfect for your high temperature cooking needs.

Enamel is an interesting material to use when baking. It has a very low porosity meaning it is nearly non-stick. We say ‘nearly’ because it is not quite non-stick, but far easier to clean than stainless steel or cast iron pans. Enamel is excellent at heat transference and creates an even layer of heat across its surface to ensure even cooking on all sides.

When it comes to cleaning you will find enamel to be of far hardier stock than non-stick coatings. It is scratch and stain resistant and is able to handle a fair amount of elbow grease.

This wonderful oven tray can be used for a variety of dishes - from roasts and breads, to baked pasta and cookies. Because of its low porosity, you’ll find that flavors and smells of what was cooked previously are not absorbed by the tray. Whatever your fancy, you’ll find that you won’t need another tray again.

Storage Instructions

Store safely in kitchen or pantry area