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Thumbnail 1 - Licor de Hierbas Fonte Do Frade Pazo de Valdomiño

Licor de Hierbas Fonte Do Frade Pazo de Valdomiño


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Fonte do Frade can be loosely translated as ‘Friars Fountain’. This wonderful liqueur is smooth and luxurious.

Licor de Hierbas is an interesting liqueur that is created with the help of Orujo de Galicia, or Galician Brandy. This delicious brandy is created by fermenting skins of the grapes grown in the Autonomous Community of Galicia. But this is where the similarities end between Licor de Hierbas and Orujo de Galicia.

Licor de Hierbas is created by harvesting 7 different herbs and cold macerating them in Orujo de Galicia for an extended period of time. The resulting mixture is then distilled with copious amounts of sugar before finally being able to rest for 6 months before being bottled.

The result is a herbaceous, spicey, and citrusy liqueur that is as sweet as it is flavorful. Its color also complements the palate and bouquet - each representing each other perfectly. This wonderful liqueur should be served cold, so storing in the fridge is advisable. Do not store in the freezer as the extreme temperatures can alter the flavor of this delicate liqueur.

Storage Instructions

Store in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight