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Serpis Manzanilla Green Pitted Olives

Tangy Delight from Andalusia

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Serpis Manzanilla Green Pitted Olives, an enduring favorite from the heartland of Andalusia, Spain, mingle a fine balance of tang, saltiness, and firmness that delights the palate. A product of cherished traditions, these olives are an essential component in a variety of culinary creations.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

The taste journey of Serpis Manzanilla Green Pitted Olives is an intriguing dance of cleverly intermingled flavours. At first, a waft of tangy vinegary notes teases your olfactory senses, effortlessly balanced by an undercurrent of saltiness. This gives way to the bright zing of acidity as the olives hit the taste buds, with a gentle hint of bitterness lingering on the palate to add just the right amount of complexity. The subtle saltiness lends a savory touch, creating a seamlessly delightful interplay of flavors. The firm, crunchy texture offers a satisfying bite, hinting at the robust olive preserving process and adding another dimension to the overall tasting experience. Beneath the pleasure of the texture, the olives carry the essence of the Andalusian lands, a testament to the supreme quality of olives grown in the region.

### Pairings & Suggestions

  • Mediterranean Salad: Toss these olives in salads, with tomatoes, cucumbers, fresh salad leaves, and feta cheese, anointed with a generous amount of olive oil.\n- In Pasta: Their slightly salty tang beautifully complements the flavors of pasta dishes.\n- On Pizza: Use these as a topping for pizza and enjoy the burst of flavor in every bite.\n- Served alongside Cheese and Wine: The firm bite and subtly complex flavors make an excellent pair with stronger cheeses while complementing the flavors of various wines.

    An Ode to Andalusian Heritage

In the world of olives, Serpis Manzanilla Green Pitted Olives stand tall owning to their roots in Andalusia, Spain. Known for its cultural richness and fertile lands, the Andalusian region supports abundant growth of olive trees, which yield some of the finest olives in the world. Grown in the warmth of the Andalusian sun, these olives are harvested and processed using traditional methods that have been honed over generations. Pitted and preserved in brine, the olives are left to imbue a unique combination of flavors, resulting in the beloved Serpis Manzanilla Green Pitted Olives. The perfect embodiment of the brand’s dedication to authenticity and tradition, every jar of these olives carries with it a part of Spanish heritage.

Storage Instructions

To maintain the shelf life and quality of Serpis Manzanilla Green Pitted Olives, store them in a cool and dry place, away from light. Once opened, ensure the olives are fully immersed in their brine, seal the jar and store in a refrigerator. Consume within two weeks of opening for the best flavor and texture.