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Thumbnail 1 - Sotaroni Balsamic Vinegar with Pedro Ximenez Reserve 12 Years Old

Sotaroni Balsamic Vinegar with Pedro Ximenez Reserve 12 Years Old

Sophisticated Aged Acidity


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Delve into the essence of aged opulence with Sotaroni Balsamic Vinegar with Pedro Ximenez Reserve 12 Years Old, a harmonious blend that marries the depth of traditional balsamic with the sweetness of sun-drenched Pedro Ximenez grapes.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

Immerse yourself within the tapestry of Sotaroni’s 12-Year-Old Balsamic Vinegar, where luscious Pedro Ximenez grapes, aged patiently in American oak casks, unveil their storied past. Breathing in, the bouquet greets you with earthy undertones of walnuts and the romance of vanilla. The complex viscosity reminds one of time’s relentless passage, each drop bearing whispers of history. The alignment of caramel sweetness and vivacious tang entices the palate, framing each meal with a narrative of flavor. It’s an orchestration of sensory delight, where every note from figs to a flutter of smokiness performs its role with aplomb. What sets this balsamic apart is not merely its resonant, symphonic balance of sweet and sour—fit for nobility—but the deftness in its craftsmanship, a craft passed down and perfected through the annals of time.

Pairings & Suggestions

Indulge in the symphony of flavors by pairing this aged vinegar with:

  • Robust charcuterie: Elevating the savory notes in cured meats.
  • Regal cheeses: Complementing aged Parmigiano-Reggiano or creamy Brie.
  • Orchard fruits: Bringing out the brightness in fresh strawberries or pears.

Unleash its full potential in gastronomy with a few strategic uses:

  • Decadent reduction: Drizzle over seared duck breast or a rich chocolate fondant.
  • Dressings with poise: Whisk into a vinaigrette that dances across a salad of heirloom tomatoes and burrata.
  • Artful marinades: Transform a simple grilled chicken into a dish of complexity and charm.

    A Tale of Terroir and Time

In the illustrious league of balsamic vinegars, Sotaroni’s rendition stands tall, its essence honed from a seasoned heritage in Spain’s Polop Valley. The artisanship embedded in its creation is not merely about taste, but a testament to a philosophical alignment with nature, nurture, and the nurture of nature itself—a narrative perfect for the storyteller at any table.

Storage Instructions

To maintain this vinegar’s profound character, store it in a cool, dark place away from temperature fluctuations and direct sunlight. A consistent cellar or pantry suffices, ensuring its qualities remain intact, ready to grace your next gourmet creation.