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Goikoa Chorizo De Pavo


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The Goikoa Chorizo de Pavo tastes similar to its classic counterpart, but with less fat and calories

Chorizo de Pavo, or turkey sausages, are produced with 100% turkey meat, commonly taken from the bird’s breast. Turkey chorizo is generally marinated in paprika to give it a similar flavor to pork chorizo. The Goikoa Chorizo de Pavo is a product for true chorizo fans, as it tastes very similar to the classic. The difference is that Chorizo de Pavo has lower levels of fat and calories, as well as a higher protein content.

Goikoa began in 1929 as a small butcher shop in Navarre, Spain, where Eugenio Jimenez prepared his own cold cuts and cured meats. It evolved from a little shop to a name in the meat industry when his son, Javier, took over in 1970. Embutidos Goikoa S.A. was the company’s new name in 1981, establishing a commercial brand that has gradually expanded since then. In 2005, they began exporting and expanding abroad, bringing Goikoa to a global audience.

Slice the Goikoa Chorizo de Pavo, and serve as cold meat dishes, or as ingredient in sandwiches. It’s also great to sautee, or include in pastas.

Storage Instructions

This type of sausage may be stored for up to 6 weeks in the refrigerator (whole or in vacuum-packed slices). After opening, they should be used within 3 weeks.