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Thumbnail 1 - Cien Lustros Brandy de Jerez Solera Gran Reserva

Cien Lustros Brandy de Jerez Solera Gran Reserva


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One of the finest brandys with a delicate sweetness and elegant finish

The Cien Lustros Solera Gran Reserva is a very fine brandy produced by Sanchez de Alba in Spain. The brand relies on holandas - brandy manufactured with extremely low alcoholic strength and complex smells - and 45-year-old soleras for manufacturing.

These barrels had previously been filled with Sherry Oloroso, lending a unique flavor to this Solera Gran Reserva.

There’s a lot of flavor, with vanilla and caramel dominating in taste. The finish is dry. It is powerful and refined at the same time, with a delicate sweetness that appears natural, full at first, then expanding out generously and lasting nearly forever.

On the nose, the Cien Lustros Solera Gran Reserva is full, rich, aromatic and beautiful. There are hints of dried fruit and Oloroso, vanilla, caramel, dates, orange peel, and furniture polish, all elegantly and delicately merged together.

Keep it in the cold and dark, and drink a glass or two in good company at a moderate room temperature.

Storage Instructions

Store unopened bottles in a cool, dark place away from extreme changes in temperatures. Opened bottles are best consumed within 6 months.