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Jamon carving knife


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A lightweight, sturdy, and flexible utensil that should be part of every jamon lover's kitchen. Slicing jamon without one will turn a joy into something repellant.

This important tool has literally only one function - to cut jamon. This knife is different from other carving tools in that it is incredibly thin. This is to allow the knife to bend as you navigate around the bone of the jamon. It is also incredibly durable as it is made from a single piece of stainless steel. This means that not only is it flexible, it will also last a long time.

The handle is ergonomically shaped, allowing the knife to fit perfectly in your hand. And because it is made from premium stainless steel, the edge will be easy to maintain, keep sharp, and to sharpen and hone the edge.

For jamon lovers, this knife is an important part of the kitchen repertoire and will allow servings of the freshest, thinnest jamon at any time of the day. Having a knife like this will turn slicing jamon into a joy, not a dreaded activity.

Storage Instructions

Store in your kitchen drawer.