Delivery to: Metro Manila
Delivery to: Metro Manila
Thumbnail 1 - Senorio De Montanera Sierra de Barbellido Jamón Ibérico Cebo Bone In

Senorio De Montanera Sierra de Barbellido Jamón Ibérico Cebo Bone In


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Purity at its finest. This beautiful, bone-in jamon hits all the right notes. Taken from grain-fed, free-range pigs. A definite must-have!

What makes Sierra de Barbellido 100% Ibérico Cebo de Campo special? It’s because of tradition. Sierra de Barbellido takes pride in adhering to ancient traditions when aging their jamon. All the way from what pigs to use, where to raise them, and in what conditions will the jamon be aged. These factors are what make the jamon great, and Sierra de Barbellido takes this very seriously.

The pigs themselves are free-range and are all grain-fed. This imparts a beautiful nuttiness to their meat, and because of the conditions in which they’re raised, there is a certain earthiness that permeates their fat and flesh. The jamon is pata negra (black hoof), with a slight yellow discoloration to the outer fat layer. The shape is the pleasing ‘V’ cut. The jamon is cut in this way to gently and delicately remove excess skin and fat after the aging process. The meat is a deep red and the fat is translucent, glistening, and moist. Thinly sliced, this jamon will literally melt in your mouth, the fat layer coating every inch of your tongue.

Pair this with a beautiful Rioja. This will also go well with a nice mahon cheese.

Storage Instructions

To properly conserve and extend the ham shelf life, store in a cool, dry place, with the ideal serving temperature between 17-22º C.