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Happy Hampers - 1000


Versatile Delights in a Basket


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Introducing the Happy Hampers - 1000, a symphony of exquisite tastes packed neatly in a hamper. From crunchy to smooth, sweet to savory, this panoply of flavors promises an unparalleled sensory experience for discerning palates.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

The Happy Hampers - 1000 is a cornucopia of gastronomical delights, each unique and brimming with quality. The spectrum of flavors it presents is curated with finesse, seamlessly interweaving the bold with the subtle, the familiar with the exotic. Crunchy, tangy Serpis Green Olives stuffed with Savory Anchovies meet your taste buds first, closely followed by the refined elegance of the Acantus Sauvignon Blanc, complementing the smoky, rich essence of the Jean Brunet Duck Paté with Armagnac. The crescendo of this taste symphony is the silky, full-bodied flavors of the La Tapia Regañas Sesame & Salt Crackers , A perfect bite-size snack made with quality olive oil and are a great partner to many dishes. This is not just food; it’s a conversation, an event, a joyful journey through the globe’s culinary highlights.

Pairings & Suggestions

  • Juxtapose this cornucopia against a canvas of fresh, crusty bread and a selection of cheeses. The creamy brie, sharp cheddar, or buttery gouda provides a lovely contrast.

  • Pair the hamper staples with a luscious, fruity Merlot or a crisp, elegant Chardonnay, enhancing the individual flavors.

  • For the vegetarians, a simple beetroot tart or a wholesome quinoa salad with feta will go brilliantly with the selections of this hamper.

  • Conjure up a multi-course meal by serving the paté on bruschetta, followed by pasta tossed with generous portion of the olives. Finish the meal with shards of the Ghana Bar served on vanilla ice cream.

    The ‘Cornucopia’ in a Basket

The Happy Hampers - 1000 represents more than just a basket of fine food; it is a cultural voyage, a tasteful tour of the globe’s delicacies. The combination of tastes river from different corners of the world, presenting an international spectacle for palate. Whether it’s the proud Spanish heritage reflected in Acantus Sauvignon Blanc, Serpis Green Olives stuffed with Savory Anchovies and La Tapia Regañas Sesame & Salt Crackers, the French elegance embodied in the Jean Brunet Duck Paté with Armagnac. What’s more, food paints vivid imagery, and the hamper’s diverse offerings tease out narratives that make for amusing and interesting dinner conversation. From foodie culture to the history of ingredients, every bit opens up a delightful discussion.

Storage Instructions

Store your Happy Hampers - 1000 in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Once opened, ensure that the items are properly sealed or transferred to airtight containers. Cheeses should be refrigerated upon opening. Store the wine upright to avoid spoilage.

We also accept customized baskets. Kindly email us at [email protected] or send us a message at +639178941234 for assistance.