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Delivery to: Metro Manila
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Capri Glass (Box of 6)


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Beautiful, thin, durable glassware with a variety of uses.

When one thinks of water glassed, boring can automatically pop into mind. However that is not the case with fine capri glasses. Traditionally used for water, they have found usage in many aspects of the kitchen, as well as going so far as to replace traditional dining ware in certain courses of a meal.

They work great with delicious flavored waters (think cucumber - lemon water) and fruit laden punches that are just as wonderful to look at as they are to drink. Thanks to the thinner glass used, the clearness of the glass is much greater compared to thicker glasses, giving the drinker a far better view of what’s inside the glass. This glass is also used for serving desserts, so throw away your old dessert bowls and use these exquisite glasses for your next dinner party.

Storage Instructions

Wine glasses should be stored upside down. This will help keep dust and debris from collecting in the bowl of the wine glass. It will also help provide stability when they are stored on a flat surface, like a cupboard or shelf