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Balance Glass (Box of 2)


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An unpredictable glass with a penchant for embracing chaos.

This is a rather unique glass. Not everyone enjoys this glass, but those that do swear by it. It is most popula to use as a modern take on a wine glass, but what makes this glass unique is the fact that it never sits squarely on the table and is prone to rolling, thanks to the small, rounded divot at the base of the glass where the stem should be. This allows the wine to be rolled and aerated. It also can be interesting for the drinker to use - especially for those bored of standard glassware, and for those who enjoy living life on the edge, literally.

Enjoy this with red wine, thanks to its large open mouth, but any beverage may be used in this glass.

Storage Instructions

Wine glasses should be stored upside down. This will help keep dust and debris from collecting in the bowl of the wine glass. It will also help provide stability when they are stored on a flat surface, like a cupboard or shelf