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Helios Black Figs Natural Jam


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Helios Fig Natural Jam is a deliciously sweet, playful jam that not only presents a variety of textures, but also has a wide range of uses.

Helios has done it once again with their fig jam. The wonderful thing about all Helios jams is that they are completely natural, utilizing the freshest fruits, delicious cane sugar, and an assortment of fruit juice, in this case lemon juice was used in the creation of their black fig jam, giving a slight sourness that helps cut through the richness and sweetness of the figs.

Helios sweet jam is not only delicious, but is versatile in its usage. While one can take the easy route and simply slather copious amounts of the jam on heavily buttered bread, this delicious jam has a rather delicious partner aside from using it on bread - cheese. Find a nice cracker and simply slice a nice, fresh sharp cheddar and apply a little jam on top. The sweetness of the fig complements the cheese perfectly and helps add texture, thanks to the figs. It also works perfectly with cream cheese. Try mixing some dill and a little roasted garlic into your cream cheese. Utilize this spread on small cuts of fresh, crust bread and apply a little fig jam. The perfect hors d’oeuvre does exist.

Storage Instructions

Store in a cool dry place. Keep in fridge after opening.