Delivery to: Metro Manila
Delivery to: Metro Manila
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Frutarium Whole Peaches In Syrup


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The very best peaches are collected and presented to you for your dining pleasure. Experience for yourself the most excellent peaches Spain has to offer.

Why would you want to eat a whole peach? Close your eyes and imagine that you have a bowel with a sweet, succulent, radiant whole peach in front of you. If, in your mind’s eye, you see the sun, don’t be alarmed. This is how it’s meant to be perceived. Warming, life-giving, nurturing. Now take a bite of the peach. It is very juicy and you will feel the sweet nectar coat your lips. Should it trickle, let it. This is normal and how a peach is meant to be eaten. Return to your taste buds. The aroma and fruitiness should now be massaging your senses. Nothing else matters in this moment. All there really is, is a beautiful peach.

Fruitarium prides itself on the quality of the peaches they use for their products. Procuring the very best Spain has to offer and bringing it to your pantry, these beautiful golden balls of nature’s sweetness can be used in a variety of dishes. Of course, desert is what comes to mind first, but what about apricot chicken, or adding them to your cacciatore to elevate the flavors even further. How about replacing applesauce for your pork chop (bone in, of course) with peaches?

Storage Instructions

Store your tin/jar in a cool, dark, and dry pantry. Unopened, it will last up to 2 years.