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Buche de Chevre Nature


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Whimsical, nostalgic, and simply delicious, the buche de chevre nature is well-loved by many around the world.

Buche de chevre nature is a well-known, well-loved goat’s cheese that is enjoyed by many people around the world. The cheese itself is presented as a log, featuring a bloomy mold, with a soft, edible rind. The cheese is allowed to mature for 7 days, which gives it a creamy texture, as well as the soft rind. The cheese presents a beautiful ivory color and is a semi-soft cheese.

The buche de chevre nature presents beautiful flavors and aromas most often associated with goat’s milk. It is lactic, tangy, and flavorsome, featuring notes of grass, earth, and milk. It also features a subtle nuttiness that cuts through the rich lactic notes.

This beautiful cheese works well as part of a cheese board; it also enhances the richness of salads and light appetizers. It can also be enjoyed simply on heavily buttered, fresh, crusty bread.

Storage Instructions

Cheeses (except brined ones in jars) should be stored in the crisper or the butter drawer of a refrigerator, not on the shelves themselves. This is to help regulate their temperature and humidity levels—and prevents the formation of mold. Once opened, they should not be kept in their original packaging. Soft cheeses with delicate rinds need to breathe, so they are best placed in glass containers lined with paper towels to absorb extra moisture. Leave the lid open a tiny bit for air to circulate and don’t forget to write up a label with the date you first opened the package. Kindly pay attention to the best before date label when you receive your cheese. Consume prior to date indicated.