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Coquet Summer Bundle A


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The Coquet Summer Bundle A includes two ingredients that are as versatile to use as they are refreshing in the summer.

Beat the heat this summer with the fresh, fragrant offerings from Coquet. In Coquet Summer Bundle A, you will find some wonderful ingredients from Coquet that work excellently together to bring the flavors of summer to your home.

Coquet Red Bell Pepper - these wonderful, sweet, and nutritious bell peppers are expertly sourced and prepared by Coquet. They are roasted gently, cooled, and then preserved in the best olive oil Spain has to offer.

Coquet Gordal Olive Anchovy Flavor - wonderfully fragrant and flavorful gordal olives infused with the flavor of anchovy. The salty, brininess of the olive pairs perfectly with the oceanic flavors of the small fish.

These wonderful items pair perfectly together as a wonderful tapas. Simply slice the bell peppers into smaller slices and combine with the olives. Feel free to slice the olives as well to stretch them further. Layer on crusty, fresh bread, drizzle with extra virgin olive oil, and sprinkle with fine sea salt, or layer a thin piece of manchego on top for extra zing. The perfect summer starter.

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