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Thumbnail 1 - Nito Plate: Elegance from the Earth

Nito Plate: Elegance from the Earth

Cultural Artistry, Aesthetic Appeal


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Nito Plate - A Refined Intersection of Culture and Craftsmanship

Tasting Notes from the Curator

While the Nito Plate does not contribute to the flavor profile of food, it enhances the sensory dining experience through its aesthetic and textural elements. Handcrafted from the nito vine by the Iraya-Mangyan community of the Philippines, its woody, grassy scent is subtly earthy—a whiff of the forest and the hands that fashioned it. Each plate presents a tactile journey from its handwoven textures to the smooth or raised sensations of its varied weave patterns. The visual richness is undeniable, with natural color variations from vibrant green to dark brown that speak of the nito vine’s natural aging process. Far from altering the flavors of the cuisine it carries, the Nito Plate accentuates the integrity and presentation of each dish, providing a cultural and aesthetic backdrop that engages more than just the palate.

Pairings & Suggestions

  • Dry and Solid Foods: Ideal for the presentation of cheese platters, fruit arrangements, and artisanal bread.
  • Decorative Centerpiece: A rim for creative, cultural, or seasonal table adornments.
  • Casual to Formal Use: Adaptable from daily dining to elaborate event tablescapes.
  • Educational Aspect: Utilize Nito Plates to introduce and discuss Iraya-Mangyan heritage and Filipino culture.

    Woven Narratives: The Stories Behind Nito Plates

Each Nito Plate isn’t just a product; it’s a narrative woven from the very heart of the Iraya-Mangyan community. A plate may carry a weaver’s personal story, the echo of a tradition handed down through generations, or the thumbprint of the Philippine environment from where its material, the nito vine, originates. Using these plates at your table can evoke stories of cultural resilience, creative expression, and contribute to meaningful discussions about the importance of preserving indigenous craft and cultural identity.

Storage Instructions

To preserve the Nito Plate’s integrity, store in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight or extreme temperatures. Refrain from stacking plates to prevent deformations and wrap each in a soft, breathable fabric to protect from dust and moisture.