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Delivery to: Metro Manila
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La Girolle Cheese Scraper


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Lay a colorful bouquet of tete de moine cheese flowers with La Girolle Cheese Scraper

If Tête de Moine Swiss cheese is well-known, then the specialized slicer called a Girolle is either equally well-known or even more well-known than the cheese itself. This is a basic cheese slicer, but because it utilizes a spiral scraping mechanism, it is capable of producing the distinctive cheese roses that are characteristic of this well-known Swiss cheese. If you want to appreciate the flavor of Tête de Moine, you shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to use this unusual cheese cutter called a La Girolle, which is a gadget meant to create shavings in the shape of roses.

Storage Instructions

Store in kitchen area along with your other kitchen equipment.