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Delaviuda Truffles Cacao


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Delicious, rich, and sumptuous chocolate balls coated in flavorful cocoa. Heaven in every bite!

Chocolate truffles are given this name simply because of the way these interesting chocolate balls look after being dusted in cocoa or chocolate powder and shavings. The little balls begin to represent the sought-after fungus, although very far in taste and smell. Nowadays, there are numerous varieties of chocolate ‘truffles’ available around the world, each sporting its own unique flavor combinations.

The Delaviuda Truffles Cacao are made with pure, rich, and decadent chocolate. They are then coated with a fine dusting of cocoa powder adding flavor and slight contrasting bitterness which helps to elevate the sensations on the palate. This delicious chocolate is famous around the world and is sought after by many people.

These delicious truffles are excellent on their own when the mood for sweets arises. They work perfectly with coffee - strong, black, unsweetened coffee to allow the sweetness and creaminess of the truffle to do what milk and sugar would do in a coffee. Perfect as an after dinner treat or a decadent snack served alongside your afternoon coffee.

Storage Instructions

Store in a cool dry place.