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Thumbnail 1 - 1880 Dark Chocolate Nougat with Almond 70%

1880 Dark Chocolate Nougat with Almond 70%


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Delicious, bitter-sweet, slightly sweet, nutty dark chocolate nougat with almond.

1880 is one of the leading brands for delicious turrones. Having a variety of different nougat flavors, every taste is satisfied. This particular variant is 70% dark chocolate with almonds. The result is an intense chocolate experience offset by the sweetness and the nuttiness of the almonds.

As this is 70% dark chocolate, no extra sugar is added to the mix (and far less milk). One truly can appreciate the deliciousness of the chocolate, unfettered by sweetness and dairy. On top of this, the candied almonds deliver a delightful crunch as well as a slight sweetness to the slightly bitter chocolate. It is a welcome reprieve from the intensity of the chocolate and a combination that will make you go back for more and more.

This delicious nougat is best enjoyed on its own. It can be paired with a nice, strong cup of coffee, or a snifter of port or sherry.

Storage Instructions

Store in a cool dry place.