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Corzana Plato Asador


Quintessence of Asado Tradition


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The Corzana Plato Asador, a vessel steeped in the culinary ethos of South America and the artisanal pottery traditions of La Rioja, Spain, encapsulates the soul of asado — the revered barbecue ritual.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

The Corzana Plato Asador’s narrative is as rich and complex as the history of asado itself. Its embrace begins with elemental wood or charcoal aromas, reminiscent of quebracho’s fiery scent. Coordinate interactions of meat juices and the seasoned flame result in a fragrant tableau, an aroma profile that befits the passion of gastronomy. The flavor palette it hosts is both robust and tender, rooted in the bright, savory kiss of umami from expertly cooked meats. The Corzana’s inherent character showcases a pleasant sense of smokiness, a whisper of ancient woodlands echoing in every bite, and divulges subtle herbaceous undertones. The symphony crescendos with a perceptible salinity, elevating and balancing the richness without overwhelming the senses. As we delve into the tertiary flavors, we find the buttery, melting fat that adds a succulent density to the palate, marrying well with the sharp tanginess and slight heat of traditional chimichurri or salsa criolla. When it comes to texture, the Corzana Plato Asador is the maestro of variety. The ceramic surface, kissed by flames, imparts a charred and crispy bark on meats while preserving their inner juiciness. Cuts of meat, each with a unique story, endow an assortment of textures — from the crusty rib to the supple slice of flank. Cooking technique, whether over direct heat or by the tenderizing alchemy of slow roasting, is pivotal in crafting this textural experience. The resting and slicing of the meat, though often overlooked, are ritually respected with the Corzana, ensuring the retention of moisture and the ideal tenderness. It is a tool that does more than cook; it curates an experience, inviting one to partake in an aged culinary tradition, wherein each flavor and texture pays homage to both the South American asado heritage and the meticulous pottery craft renowned in La Rioja.

Pairings & Suggestions

  • Meat Selections: Opt for a diverse range with varying cooking times, such as ribs, chorizo, and blood sausages, espousing Corzana’s versatility.
  • Herbaceous Condiments: Elevate meats with chimichurri or salsa criolla, the acidity and herbs complementing the robust flavors perfectly.
  • Traditional Sides: Pair with simple grilled vegetables, crusty bread, or a potato dish to round out the meal.
  • Wines: A bold, smoky Malbec or a nuanced Tempranillo serves as an ideal counterpart, their tannic structures standing up to the asado’s intensity.

    Gastronomic Chronicles Etched in Ceramic

The barbecue tradition, a fabric woven deeply into the cultural tapestry of South America, finds a sophisticated counterpart in the old-world methods of La Rioja, Spain. Corzana, born from this rich intersection of customs, crafts the Plato Asador to honor the primal pleasure of fire-cooked meats. Picture a gathering where the asado, a ritual in itself, is elevated not merely by the cut of the steak but by the ceramic canvas on which it rests. This plate is more than an object; it’s a storytelling medium, bearing witness to countless banquets, the silent custodian of laughter and conversation. It’s an artifact that ages with grace, each mark and scrape a chronicle of feasts past. Aptly, it becomes a talking piece at any dining occasion, bridging the gap between the simple, hearty pleasures of gaucho life and the refined artistry of Spanish ceramicists.

Storage Instructions

To maintain the Plato Asador’s integrity, cleanse it post-use with gentleness. Prioritizing dryness and evading direct exposure to the elements, store it in a well-ventilated space. Its ability to endure is matched by the ease of its care.