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Moluga Pescaviar


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A deliciously creamy caviar alternative brought to you by Pescaviar.

Moluga is simply a caviar alternative. Created using smoked herring pearls - the roe of the herring which has been smoked, it is pasteurized for freshness and safety. Moluga is very popular around the world due to the deliciousness and creaminess of the pearls as well as the price point.

The Moluga herring pearls are exceptionally easy to eat. Offering a distinctly smokey creaminess, notes of citrus, ocean spray, and sea salt can be observed. The Moluga itself features herring pearls as the main attraction, but is also mixed with lemon juice, and cuttlefish ink to give extra character to the pearls.

It is best eaten as part of a shellfish salad featuring crab and / or lobster. Shrimp cocktails may be elevated to higher levels when combined with Moluga. It can also be eaten by itself. Slice some flavorful rye or pumpernickel bread, spread with good mayonnaise, and apply the Moluga.

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