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Delivery to: Metro Manila
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Tribehou Isigny Baratte Butter


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Best Before 11/28/2023 - This butter comes from the Isigny region, and is one of the world’s greatest butters, smooth and creamy

When the sea receded in the 16th century, the Isigny region, one of Europe’s greatest marshes, was left with a rich clay soil. This soil allowed even the greenest grass to thrive, providing dairy farmers in the area with an abundance of very fine milk that was high in mineral salts and trace elements.

Local milk producers first requested protection for their goods in the 1930s, along with a delineation of the production region, and were granted PDO designation in 1996.

Because of the high quantities of carotenoids in the butter, it has a natural golden color. The butter is high in oleic acid and mineral salts and includes 82% fatty solids. These salts have a long shelf life and give flavor. It has a lovely golden buttercup color and a flavor with prominent hazelnut and milk flavors, as well as an excellent creamy richness.

This thick dairy butter is a fantastic everyday butter that will make you forget about other butters. Allow it to do its thing by spreading it on some nice bread. Put it on your pancakes and waffles, or use it to produce a rich egg by frying it in this butter (spoil yourself).

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