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Bogar Summer Bundle C


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Delicious, summery, and fresh ocean fare expertly packaged and preserved for your summer dishes and dining experiences.

The Bogar Summer Bundle C features two delicious fish items that are simply easy to use. Each of these perfectly represents the best sardines that Spain has to offer. The items included in this bundle are:

Sardines in Sunflower Oil - the very best sardines are hand-selected for preservation. They are hand-packed as well to ensure the quality of the fish throughout the process. These delicious, fresh sardines are preserved in the very best sunflower oil. The slightest hint of sunflower seeds is imparted onto the fish, while preserving the original flavor of the fish. These delicious morsels are perfect when used in a salad. In your next Salad Niçoise, consider using these delicious sardines in lieu of tuna.

Bogar Baby Sardines in Olive Oil - these exquisite sardines are harvested in extremely small batches so as to not disrupt the sardine population in the estuary from which they are harvested. They are hand-picked and hand-preserved utilizing the most stringent methods focusing purely on quality and to preserve the delicate nature and flavors these baby sardines have to offer. They are soft, slightly fishy, but plump and meaty all the same. The olive oil serves to only enhance the flavor of these delicious little fish. They are versatile, too! They can be used in a myriad of ways. To really enjoy these baby sardines, simply serve as they are over buttered, toasted bread and enjoy with a nice glass of garnacha blanca.

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