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Delivery to: Metro Manila
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Bogar Summer Bundle B


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Bring the freshness and coolness of the ocean to your homes with the delicious Bogar Summer Bundle A.

The Bogar Summer Bundle A offers two items from Bogar that are designed to bring the freshness of the ocean directly to your kitchens and tables. The fish products are fresh, flavorful, and extremely versatile.

Bogar Sardines In Tomato Sauce - these delicious sardines are hand-selected and hand-packed by Bogar ensuring quality every step of the way. The sardines are marinated in a delicious tomato sauce making them easy to eat straight from the can or paired with a variety of dishes. They work well as an alternative to anchovies in a classic puttanesca or can simply be served on top of hot, steamy rice. They are also perfect as part of a salad and work well with onions, capers, and olives.

Bogar Spicy Sardines In Vegetable Oil - these delicious sardines, like their tomato basted brethren, are hand-selected and hand-packed. They are then preserved in flavorful vegetable oil that has been infused with spices and peppers, adding flavor, character, and a most-welcome kick. These delicious sardines can be enjoyed on their own, on bread, or mixed with pasta. The uses for these delicious morsels are endless.

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