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Delivery to: Metro Manila
Thumbnail 1 - Upita Sweet Olive Oil Tortas With Marcona Almonds
Thumbnail 2 - Upita Sweet Olive Oil Tortas With Marcona Almonds

Upita Sweet Olive Oil Tortas With Marcona Almonds


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Versatile and sweet olive oil unleavened bread that goes well with a variety of side dishes and main courses.

Olive oil tortas are a delicacy hailing from Seville. They were traditionally prepared and baked as part of Easter celebrations in the region. Today, they are enjoyed as a starch with main courses or as part of desserts. Indeed, this crispy delicacy is loved by many around the world.

Sweet Olive Oil Tortas are made by combining yeast, olive oil, sugar, eggs, and water to create a sticky, sweet batter. It is then divided into portions and baked until crispy wafers emerge. These beautiful crackers are great as part of savory desserts, such as with aniseed and fennel. They also work well as crackers with any cheese or meat board that may be presented as tapas or for an after dinner course. Whichever way one enjoys these crackers, a cornucopia of flavor and textures will be presented.

Storage Instructions

Store your tin/jar in a cool, dark, and dry pantry. Store in fridge once opened.