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Picos Camperos Los Gorriones


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These beautiful dry bread sticks are made with extra virgin olive oil and are a great partner to many dishes.

Hailing from Jerez in Andalusia, Spain, these beautiful breadsticks are traditionally made with extra virgin olive oil. The tradition spans hundreds of years where bakers would create these morsels to use up the abundant supply of olive oil in the region. This treat was famous among sailors of the time as the bread sticks kept excellently on long voyages.

These breadsticks are short but packed full of flavor and character. They work well as part of a charcuterie, meat plate, or cheese board. In Jerez, and other parts of the Andalusian region, one can find these breadsticks served alongside tapas. The breadsticks also work well in lieu of croutons. In your next caesar salad, try omitting the croutons for these beauties!

Storage Instructions

Store in a dry and cool place.