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Delivery to: Metro Manila
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El Barquero Lomo de Bacalao


Artisan Salted Cod Excellence


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The El Barquero Lomo de Bacalao emerges as a culinary artifact, boasting traditional catch and preservation methods to deliver an unrivaled gastronomic experience.


How to Use

This bacalao is a salted and cured cod. However, it has undergone a process of “desalado” or removing excess salt, leaving us with bacalao at the “punto de sal,” the perfect point of salt. No additional salting or seasoning is necessary.

Unlike other types of bacalao, this variant does not require soaking at all. However, it is crucial to defrost it in the chiller to ensure the juices remain within the fillet.

What sets it apart:

  • No need for soaking
  • Texture resembling fresh fish with thick flakes, not little ones
  • Already at the perfect point of salt, eliminating the need for seasoning
  • Maintains a perfectly white color.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

Beneath the subtle nuances of the El Barquero Lomo de Bacalao, lies a profound narrative of the sea, transformed into a gastronomic masterpiece through ancestral wisdom. Its delicate, almost ethereal aroma betrays nothing of the artisanal brining and meticulous freeze preservation - the secret behind its fresh essences, untainted by any overpowering briny pungence. On the palate, a symphony of flavors unleashes - a mild, yet milky richness balanced with an understated salinity, a hallmark of the specialized desalination technology employed. What’s most extraordinary is the precision of salinity, paired with the crescendo of umami that provides a satisfying depth, complemented in turn by an underlying sweetness that elevates rather than cloying. The texture is a revelation - tender to the point of yielding to the gentlest pressure, meaty and substantial enough to assert its firm, superior quality. Its smoothness and creamy consistency pave the way for the cod to flake in a way that is nothing short of perfection, a testament to the hook and line fishing methods safeguarding the integrity of its muscle fibers. The culmination of these elements is a harmonious blend that sets this product apart, reflecting the careful handling and a blend of traditional and technological prowess by Bacalaos El Barquero, S.A.

Pairings & Suggestions

  • For a Rustic Ensemble: Partner the lomo with hearty chickpeas, a drizzle of robust olive oil, and a sprinkle of smoked paprika.
  • In a Salad: Enhance a salad of young greens with shards of this salted cod, marrying it with a tangy vinaigrette and crisp vegetables, offering a myriad of textures.
  • As Comfort Food: Nestle into a comforting brandade, where the cod intertwines harmoniously with garlic-infused cream and potato puree, adorned with crusty bread on the side.

    A Sovereign Voyage from Sea to Supper

The El Barquero Lomo de Bacalao, hailing from the verdant coastlines of Asturias, Spain, isn’t merely food; it is a testament to centuries of maritime tradition and modern refinement. The brand, Bacalaos El Barquero, S.A., floats on this rich history of more than 2.5k tons of cod processed annually. The evolution of fishing technologies from line fishing to sophisticated machinery is a dance of past and present—safeguarding sustainability while meeting today’s standards. Remarkably, the company maintains control over the complete production process, from capture to packaging, a rarity in the industry that speaks volumes about their dedication to excellence. A nugget of conversation could revolve around how this prime lomo de bacalao, once part of a humble fisherman’s catch, now graces the tables of discerning gourmands across the globe.

Storage Instructions

Upon the acquisition of El Barquero Lomo de Bacalao, it should be stored in the cooler recesses of your refrigerator (2°C-4°C), with its protective packaging intact. Should the cod not grace your kitchen endeavors in the first week, consider transferring it to the arctic serenity of a freezer (≤ -18°C). When the moment to defrost arrives, permit it a leisurely thaw in the cooler for a full 24 hours or engage in a brisk cold water thaw by submerging it, swapping the water out every half hour. After this delicate unfreezing ritual, the cod demands immediate culinary attention to maintain its impeccable quality.