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Thumbnail 1 - Bas Armagnac Réserve Impériale Samalens XO

Bas Armagnac Réserve Impériale Samalens XO


Elixir of Impeccable Heritage


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Introducing the Bas Armagnac Réserve Impériale Samalens XO, a distillation of history in a bottle.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

The Bas Armagnac Réserve Impériale Samalens XO is an illustrious spirit that is a testament to the rich tapestry of French brandy-making. This elixir is not simply about tasting; it’s about experiencing the sublime marriage of art, history, and science, all steeped in a glass. The aromatic symphony begins with a pulpy fruits, fresh grapes, and baked plums, before ascending into a crescendo of herbal tones reminiscent of grassy hay complemented by the majestic oak’s presence. There’s a tinge of the dark allure of licorice teasing the senses, hinting at the depth of the liquid history before you.

Enchant the spirit across your palate, one becomes enveloped in the supernal blend of honey, plum, and apricot - a medley bestowed only by the finest of vineyards and the passage of time. The wealth of the Armagnac follows through with notes of cocoa, which entwine with the warmth of black pepper and the richness of butterscotch, painting an opulent tapestry of taste. The complexity burgeons as essences of grape, herbal tea, and cloves weave in, turning each sip into a narrative of the Bas-Armagnac’s terroir itself.

Texturally, the Réserve Impériale Samalens XO does not merely settle for balance; it insists on the palate enveloping roundness that bears the wine-like qualities of a storied semi-sweet white wine, yet it retains an undeniably Armagnac smoothness. The finish is refined, a lingering epilogue that is light, yet imprinted, ensuring a lasting memory of an imbibe born of unparalleled legacy and nurtured in the Gascony fields of France. In every sense, this Samalens offering is a master’s stroke, poured from history’s own decanter.

Pairings & Suggestions

  • Boldly indulge in dark chocolate creations, from a classic ganache to a daring mole, allowing the Samalens XO to enhance the depth of the cacao.
  • Charcuterie assortments including dry-cured meats and aged cheeses find an empathetic touch in the honeyed sweetness and spiced kick of the Armagnac.
  • In more robust affairs, grilled game birds or a rack of lamb find alchemy with the XO’s strong oak character and rich fruit undertones.

    Whispers from the Cellar

Beyond mere provenance, Bas Armagnac Réserve Impériale Samalens XO is a dynastic beacon in the Armagnac region, serving as both a soothsayer revealing Gascony’s past and a diplomat of its enduring methods. Enshrined in soil rich with history, the humble grape transforms under Samalens’ patrimonial gaze into a storied concoction that narrates the tale of France’s oldest spirit. It whispers of the origins of Armagnac, pre-dating even its renowned sibling, Cognac, and divulges the craft handed through generations of the Samalens family. Dinner guests will be captivated by stories of oak barrels seasoned by time and cellar masters who, with a guardian’s wisdom, select the choicest vintages to create a blend that defies time itself.

Storage Instructions

Store this venerated spirit in a cool, dark place, away from fluctuations in temperature and light, maintaining the integrity of its carefully nurtured complexity.