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Grand Cru Basket

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An expertly curated basket containing some of the finest ingredients needed by any serious pantry. Perfect individually, or wonderful as a picnic hamper, or delicious tapas experience.

The Grand Cru Basket contains some of the finest ingredients offered by Spain. This beautiful wrapped wicker basket makes a wonderful gift (for yourself or for others) and will surely excite all those looking for the perfect culinary experience. Not only this, but this basket offers a 15% discount (already applied to the basket price) that would otherwise be missed out on when purchasing these wonderful items individually.

The basket contains:

La Granja Tempranillo - a beautifully light Tempranillo hailing from the Aragon region in spain. This wine is an easy pairing with chicken and lightly flavored meats. It is just as easy to sip on while enjoying a summer afternoon.

Ready-to-eat Huertas Fabada Asturiana - a bean stew originating from the Asturias region in Spain. This beautiful dish is expertly created and canned, ready for your eating pleasure.

Ready-to-eat Huertas Callos Con Garbanzos - Your favorite callos stewed with chickpeas to add more heartiness to a wonderfully flavorful dish. This is canned and ready to eat at your convenience.

Traditional Truffle Crackers - The name says it all: crackers but with truffles infused in the baking process. An excellent partner for your Fabada Asturiana or even some honey or apricot jam.

Leyenda Premium Tomato Sauce - This artisanal tomato sauce is the perfect addition to your stews and casseroles. It also makes a great booster for your callos con garbanzos and fabada asturiana.

2 Jars, Helios Apricot Jam with 60% more fruit - Made with only the finest apricots, this apricot jam contains 60% more leaving eaters satisfied with their apricot experience.

Muria Thousand Flowers Honey - honey taken from a variety of flowers, this honey has a thicker texture and provides a wonderfully intense flavor experience.

El Almendro Crunchy Almond Turron - your desert needs are taken care of with this beautiful almond turron. What better way to end your meal than with the taste of almonds and turron?

Storage Instructions

To properly conserve and extend the ham shelf life, store in a cool, dry place, with the ideal serving temperature between 17-22º C.