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Rosca de Reyes


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A delicious, brioche-type cake usually prepared for the feast of the Epiphany in Spain.

Rosca de reyes is a delicious cake. It is made with a sweet, brioche-like bread that is baked and adorned with a sweet glaze and a variety of colorful preserved fruits. It is round and at first glance reminds one of a bundt cake (thanks to the mold used during the baking process) but is decorated in such a way as to represent the crown of a king - one of the Three Kings, to be exact.

This delicious cake supposedly dates back to the Roman celebration of Saturnalia where villagers would bake a round cake shaped like a king’s crown with a hidden treat baked inside. Whoever bit into that hidden treat would be labeled king of the feast and paraded around like royalty. The rosca de reyes has a similar hidden treat baked into it, this time in the form of baby Jesus. Whoever bit into this ceramic treat (and nearly break a tooth) would be blessed for the year to come. However, a fava bean was also baked into the cake, and the person found with the bean in their slice would have to buy the rosca de reyes next year.

In keeping with the tradition of spreading love and joy, Terry’s rosca de reyes includes a surprise food-safe, silicone-based infant Jesus figurine, sans the fava bean. According to the Terry’s family tradition, your guests or family members can take turns cutting the cake & whoever gets baby Jesus will treat everyone at the table. This is to encourage generosity and happiness during this special season.

In time for the Feast of the Three Kings, this cake is available for delivery on January 4, 5 and 6, 2023.

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