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Salami Ungherese (Smoked Salami)


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The Salami Ungherese, made from a traditional Levoni recipe, is the company's pride and delight. It has smokey scents and rich complex flavors.

The Salami Ungherese was what earned Ezechiello Levoni a gold medal in his first competition, and it is still manufactured using a recipe and methods that have been passed down for over 100 years. It’s a salami from Italy’s Northern Alto Adige area that has been gently smoked using good wood.

It is a brilliant red wine with subtle, nuanced aromas and smokey overtones. On the tongue, it’s delicate and sweet, with deep, smokey notes and traces of paprika.

This smoked salami pairs well with pickled vegetables, baby onions, and gherkins. It also pairs well with horseradish sauce and mild spicy mustard. Pair with a robust red wine.

Ezechiello Levoni, a former butcher’s apprentice, started the Levoni narrative. In 1911, he accomplished his lifelong aim of founding his own curing facility on the outskirts of Milan. He put into practice all he had learnt from the Milanese master butchers throughout the years. He received his first great acclaim in 1913. He joined the “Modern Arts & Industry” International Exhibition in London, where he won a gold medal for his Salame Ungherese. This victory was especially nice because the competition allegedly said that a novice like him would only win “when pigs fly.”

In 1923, Levoni relocated their main production to Castellucchio, a tiny province in Mantua, and later built their own slaughterhouse and curing factory. They created its first subsidiary in the United States in 2014, ushering in a new era of possibilities for Ezechiello’s goal. The company is still run by a family, now in its fourth generation, and continues to produce high-quality meats.

Storage Instructions

Store in the refrigerator.