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Mortadella With Truffles


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This Levoni Mortadella is unique and tasty, made with only the finest pork and enhanced by black truffle flakes.

The Levoni Mortadella with Truffle is made using meat from Italian pigs that were born and raised in Italy and are known for their high quality. It is manufactured with natural components and does not include glutamate or any polyphosphates that have been added. It exudes an aroma that is singular and delectable, and one can detect undertones of truffle within it. It is simple to take in because of its smooth texture, lightness, and delicacy, and its ease of consumption. This mortadella has a flavor that is perfectly harmonious, and it is enhanced by flakes of genuine black truffles.

This one-of-a-kind mortadella is packed with flavor and is ideal for use in appetizers, sandwiches, and wraps. You may complement it with cheese and dried fruits if you wish to eat it on its own, but you can also enjoy it on its own. Chianti or any dry white wine goes well with this dish.

The history of the Levoni family may be traced back to Ezechiello Levoni, who worked as an apprentice butcher in the past. In 1911, in the outskirts of Milan, he was finally able to fulfill the lifelong goal of establishing his own own curing facility. Throughout the years, he put all he had learned from the Milanese master butchers into practice in his own business. In 1913, he received the first significant acknowledgment for his work. He participated in the “Modern Arts & Industry” International Exhibition in London, where he was awarded a gold medal for the Salame Ungherese that he produced. He was quite pleased with his new brand. This victory meant much more to him given the infamous proclamation made before the tournament that a novice like him would only win “when pigs fly.”

In 1923, Levoni relocated its main production to a little province in Mantua known as Castellucchio. In the years that followed, the company also constructed its own slaughterhouse and curing factory. Ezechiello’s goal was given access to a plethora of new possibilities when the company established its first subsidiary in the United States the following year (2014). The firm is still run by the same family it was founded by, and despite being in its fourth generation, it continues to produce meat of the highest quality.

Storage Instructions

Vacuum-sealed packs of hand-carved cured meats can last up to five months in the refrigerator (never the freezer). Once the pack is opened, they’re best enjoyed within the day.