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Epoisses Affinee Germain

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A bold, boisterous cheese with an aroma that is pungent, to say the least. This is a soft cheese that will bring joy to any cheese plate it graces with its presence.

The Germain Époisses AOP Sélection Affineur is a wonderfully bold cheese that is sure to take your breath away on the first bite. This cheese presents a deep colored rind that is proof unto itself of it being washed in Marc de Bourgogne, a french brandy made from the ‘marc’ - the skins of grapes, pips, etc. - left behind after the pressing process in winemaking. This wonderful cheese is a proud, traditional product of the Burgundy region in France.

What can one expect from this cheese? It is a soft cheese made from cow’s milk and presents a powerful earthy, wooded aroma. Its center is soft, creamy, and velvety, but unlike brie and camembert, this cheese will literally knock your socks off with its smell and taste. This is a cheese for those that are looking for an intense experience and it is well worth it.

This cheese pairs really well with dry whites to help cut through the boisterousness of the cheeses flavor. Pair with a good Meursault or Chablis Grand Cru.

Storage Instructions

Cheeses (except brined ones in jars) should be stored in the crisper or the butter drawer of a refrigerator, not on the shelves themselves. This is to help regulate their temperature and humidity levels—and prevents the formation of mold. Once opened, they should not be kept in their original packaging. Soft cheeses with delicate rinds need to breathe, so they are best placed in glass containers lined with paper towels to absorb extra moisture. Leave the lid open a tiny bit for air to circulate and don’t forget to write up a label with the date you first opened the package. Kindly pay attention to the best before date label when you receive your cheese. Consume prior to date indicated.