The Legend that is Vega Sicilia

It was in 1915 that the first Vega Sicilia was released, and by released, we don’t mean sold. The maker simply shared the bottles with his friends, most of whom were at the peak of Spanish aristocratic society, and so the legend grew. Only the grandest people drank Vega Sicilia and not a lot of people would be able to acquire a bottle as it was simply not for sale.


Later on, as they started selling the wines, bottles were very limited as they are very keen to produce the quality they so need to achieve, creating its exclusivity.


“The telephone rings.
‘Hallo, Vega Sicilia.’
‘Good afternoon, I’d like to order a case of your wine, please.’
‘Have to wait your turn, sir. There’s a waiting list.’
‘Have you any idea who I am? I’m the king of Spain.’
‘That as may be, sir. You have to wait your turn, sir, like everybody else.


So difficult that they will not release a vintage if it does not exceed expectations and so exclusive that it does not simply give away its prestige, not even to then King of Spain, Juan Carlos I.


Vega Sicilia Alion


“It is sought after and enjoyed on great occasions through out the world for its
nobility and distinguished quality as it deserves to be.”
Ferran Andría (El Bulli). Chef


“It is a family winery combining tradition and modernity, which from its
beginnings to the present day has been an example of good practice
and of a company that does not sit on its laurels.”
 Juan Mari Arzak. Chef


“Impressive. This wine should occupy a place in history alongside the
greatest Bordeaux wines of the sixties.”
 Robert Parker


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