La Tomatina Festival


The locals of Buñol, Valencia paint their town red (with Tomatoes!) as they celebrate the annual La Tomatina Festival. Deemed as the largest food fight in the world, it is celebrated on the last Wednesday of August, with 175 tons of ripe tomatoes to be used in the hour-long battle.

This strong tradition goes back to 1944 or 1945 with no significance to any religious or political aspect, it is mainly celebrated for raw fun! The municipality of Buñol also set up a few rules to facilitate the battle. The rules include squishing the tomato first before throwing it at someone, not bringing hard objects, and not ripping other people’s shirts.

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And of course it is not an authentic Spanish Festival unless there are parades, fireworks, and street parties that MUST include delicious food (Paella!) and wine.


We would like bring the Spanish Festival here in the Metro. Come visit us at Terry’s Bistro and get a chance to try once again our all-time favorite, Gazpacho for only Php 240.

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