4 Surprising Facts about Valentine’s Day in Spain

Like in most countries around the world, Saint Valentine’s is celebrated in Spain with gifts and romantic dinners.


While not originating from Spain, the holiday is celebrated in its own unique ways and times in different parts of Spain.

Here are 4 facts about Saint Valentine’s Day in Spain:

1. In Catalonia and its heart, Barcelona, love is also celebrated on April 23, the national day of Catalonia or also know as La Diada de Sant Jordi (St. George’s Day). At this time, couples traditionally exchange roses and books which goes with the Catalan saying “A rose for love and a book forever”.

At this time of the year, cafés and bistros are crowded of couples reading together.

2. October 9th is the most romantic day there is for the city of Valencia where the saint patron of lovers, Saint Dionysius, is celebrated. This is when the city welcomes festivities with splendid parades and colorful costumes.

Ladies are offered a traditional sign of love and appreciation under the form of a nice package of marzipan crafted by local confectioners and beautifully wrapped.


3. Valentine’s Day has become such an important gifting season that Spaniards often refer to Valentine’s Day as the Día de El Corte Inglés (Day of Carte Inglés) – their main department store.

Lovers of all age spend hours there looking for the right wine and sweets to offer to their better half.

4. Finally, if by any chance you find yourself in Madrid on Saint Valentine’s, go for a romantic evening stroll by the iconic Puerta Alcala and its warm evening lights.

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Have a nice St. Valentine’s day with the one you love!

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