This is the Anniversary Promo you’ve been waiting for!


20% OFF on All Gourmet Products, Cold Cuts, Cheeses and Kitchenware
25% OFF on All Wines
30% OFF on more than 150 Selected Items

This is our best offer yet for our Anniversary and this is because we couldn’t hold our excitement. JC Terry is opening two new concepts this year: Terry’s Corner and Café Madrid, the Taste of Spain.

At its core Terry’s has always been about sharing our culinary heritage by offering a sense of luxury and excitement within our unique ambiance.

We started in the Philippines as a Gourmet Store and expanded with our Bistros by answering our customers’ call to cook for them. JC Terry developed a menu that makes you travel through the Mediterranean gastronomy and offers you a taste of authentic ingredients from Spain at every bite.

Now, we can’t wait for you to visit our new additions to the Terry’s family that will open before the end of the year.

Terry’s Corner will come to your neighborhood in Legazpi Village.
Our vast wine selection, best cold cuts and cheeses will be even closer to you.

Café Madrid is opening in Capitol Commons, Pasig and in Burgos Circle, Fort Bonifacio.
It is a bold and fresh restaurant where JC Terry brings his passion and dedication to the Spanish Cuisine. Playful, fun and for your pure enjoyment, we bring you a new menu which will tour you in every region of Spain. Montaditos, bite-size sandwiches, will offer you a fresh look on all time classics and you can even make your own paella.


We are getting ready to share the big dates with you and in the meantime we wish you a great shopping experience in our Terry’s Gourmet Stores with our best Anniversary Promo yet.

Promo from September 16th to 30th, 2016.


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